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The Point of Writing Research Papers

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Obviously, if we get an assignment, the professor gives it on purpose. Depending on the purpose of the assignment, there are different types of academic papers. Research papers are actually one of the inherent types of assignments of any academic process, since you do something to develop the scientific field you are working in. You select a certain issue, which is modern and interesting, and carry out a research to make a certain conclusions on the information received from the evidence. The structure of the research paper reflects its aim.

Common Structural Requirements for a Proper Research Paper

There is a common structural pattern for a research paper. All the following parts should be represented in the given order.

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  1. Abstract

    This is the part, which overviews the whole paper and is written after the whole text of research paper is completed. Actually, abstracts have a brief (1-2 sentences) summary of each the following part of research papers.

  2. Introduction

    Introduction of the research paper gives the background for a topic and provides reader with the required minimum of knowledge necessary for understanding of the issue. Also, there can be a thesis statement.

  3. Methods

    This part explains the ways the research was actually carried out. Here you need to explain what and how you were doing to get the results.

  4. Results

    Obviously, research work has a certain purpose. So, when you apply methods to material, you get some results. In this part you need to tell nothing more than facts.

  5. Discussion of Results

    Now it is time to evaluate the results received, and see what they can show. Some results can prove or disprove some facts, beliefs or simply give a new understanding of the certain issues or phenomena. Your task is to find the logical connections between the results and their causes to perform an in-depth analysis. The personal opinion plays a crucial role here.

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  6. Conclusion

    Finally, you should conclude what you have written. As conclusion is one of the most valuable parts making the final impression, here are the detailed comparison of good and bad conclusions.

    The Good Conclusions for Research Papers

    The Bad Research Papers Conclusions

    New Information

    There is nothing new.

    A new facts or ideas are included.


    It takes 10-15% of the whole text.

    It is not much less than the body part.

    Examples / Illustrations

    There cannot be any examples or graphical elements.

    There can be some new examples and pictures on the topic.

    Further Opportunities

    There are the uncovered points mentioned, so others know what to research about on the issue.

    It is stated, that there is nothing more that can be done on this issue.

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