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How much does the paper completed by your company cost?

The prices for papers depend on your academic level, on the deadline (time you can give us for assignment completion) and the number of pages. We can give you a fast quote in case you contact us or you can check it on our pricing page. Ask for a discount if price is too high for you.

What kind of writers work on your service?

Only the professional writers work on us, because we check their having Master`s or Ph.D. diplomas and experience in custom writing sphere.

Where is your service’s office located?

We are the UK based website, so our office is in London. Several support offices are also located in Europe and US in order to perform the better assistance.

When will you send me my paper completed?

The paper will be delivered strictly not later than within the deadline selected in the order form. We are never late, and, as we send papers as soon as they are written by writers, you have a lot of chances to get the paper far before the deadline.

What types of services can you offer me?

We can do your assignment just getting instructions from you. Also, we can check your draft and do all the necessary corrections to it with rewriting, editing or proofreading service.

Do you guarantee the originality of completed text?

Sure, we guarantee you that the paper completed will be written specially for you. Your writer will never copy and paste materials without citing.

How can I send files to the writer, who is working on my order?

Just log in to your personal account after clicking on check out button and under files you will see “Add file” button.

Are the papers completed for your customers published anywhere?

Are the papers completed for your customers published anywhere?

What if I do not like how you have written my paper?

There is nothing to worry about as we will fix everything to meet your expectations! All the corrections are free of charge. In case we cannot satisfy you with the paper, we will issue your money back.
I really appreciate what you do! You helped me to succeed in job career as I have time for this and I always get high grades as well!