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Why Essay Writing Is Such a Frequent Assignment?

Essay Writing

Often students have a lot of essays to write on different subjects. However, the question is, why essay writing is the most frequent assignment? What possibilities does essay paper writing gives to professors? The thing is that essays make it possible to evaluate two main aspects of your studying: your knowing the materials, and your personal opinion on the issues reviewed. Essays always deal with its writer’s personal approach, and this helps your professors to check your learning process.

What Are the Main Types of Academic Essay Writing?

Different types of essay paper writing are aimed at development of different skills, so they have different requirements you should be aware of.

  1. Narrative Essays

    Narrative essay writing develops your skill of telling stories interesting, clearly and in details. You need to make everything possible for the reader to imagine events you are writing about. All the story elements need to be present. If you feel that your story is far from ideal, contact us and we will improve essay writing you have completed.

  2. Argumentative Essays

    Argumentative essay writing deals with your ability to convince. Your task is to provide valid argumentation for your reader to take your side. Sometimes arguments are not that easy to find. For you to know, our experts can convince people in the most paradoxical things just applying some techniques you can also learn from them.

  3. Descriptive Essays

    Descriptive essay writing develops your ability to express what you see through the written text. Actually, your task is to create a verbal picture for everyone to understand and imagine.

  4. Expository Essays

    Expository, or explanatory essay writing on a certain topic is aimed on in-depth explanation of a certain issue. It is easier to understand its sense and differences from other types of essay writing due to the following table:

    Narrative Essay Writing

    Argumentative Essay Writing

    Descriptive Essay Writing

    Explanatory Essay Writing

    Basic Element




    A certain point of the issue

    Specifics of the Structure

    Based on plot

    Pro and contra arguments

    Features connected with 7 senses

    Review of different sides of the issue


    To tell

    To convince

    To depict

    To clarify

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How to Improve the Essay Writing Quality with EssayHere.Com?

Write my essay

If you are interested in qualitative essay writing and in paper writing skills development, check on the following possibilities offered by EssayHere.Com writing company:

Possibility #1: Services for Correction

We have a set of services, which are suitable for the draft correction. You can simply attach your draft and we will improve it with explanation. Depending on the amount of changes the rewriting, editing or proofreading services can be ordered.

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Possibility #2: Analysis of the Completed Order

Even if you have ordered the writing from scratch service, the completed essay order is a perfect example for your future essay assignments.

Possibility #3: Consultation of the Expert

Having placed any order with EssayHere.Com you can talk with your friendly and professional personal writer, and he will always be glad to help you and answer any of your questions concerning the academic essay writing.

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