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Time Aspect of the Essay Help Performance

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One of the main things our customers are concerned about is time. Indeed, even the perfectly written won’t get A grade if submitted late. Therefore, it is necessary to keep the time frames set, and EssayHere.Com understands this well. Learn more facts about the time aspect of custom writing service by EssayHere.Com!

Facts about Time of Order Performance by EssayHere.Com

Here is the information you may be interested to know about our custom essay help if you care about the deadline requirements.

  1. Mostly Orders Are Delivered Prior to the Order Deadline

    When you order a custom essay help with us, you will most likely get your order long before the deadline set. There is no need to nervously wait to the last minutes. Also, there is no point of logging in to check your order status, as you will get an e-mail notification about your order being completed. Thus, do not get surprised to receive the custom essay with 5 days deadline after 3 days pass: this won’t require any extra charge.

    “I was surprised to get my essay help delivered after 3 days even though my deadline was 7 days! It was the most careless 4 rest days!))”, Linguistics, “Linguistic Semiotics”, 6 pages

  2. You Can Change the Deadline for the Essay Help Order

    Sometimes things change and professor may change the deadline for your order to a shorter one. Other custom writing services will advise you to cancel the order and place a new one. We will simply modify the order instructions for your custom assignment and it will be delivered in time for sure.

  3. We Have a Lot of Deadline Options for a Paper Help

    We are always ready to meet any deadlines set by our customers: the long as well as the short ones. Furthermore, the specifics of working on urgent essay help differs a bit, as we do our best to keep the high quality standards of working in any conditions. We have urgent deadlines (4 hours, 8h, 12h, 24h, and 48h) and long deadlines (3 days, 5 days, 7 days, 14 days).

    Urgent Essay Help

    Long Deadline Essay Assistance

    Time of Delivery

    15-30 minutes before the deadline

    Around 1 day before the deadline, but this is not guaranteed


    Only writers, who has experience in working with urgent orders can be assigned

    All the writers proficient in the required field can work on your order.


    We always give a call and send you an e-mail notification in case there is a clarification needed.

    You will always get an e-mail notification about any action needed from your side, sometimes you will also get a phone call.


    A minimum deadline for revision is 2 hours, but we are doing our best to revise papers the soonest.

    A minimum deadline for revisions is 4 hours.

    Plagiarism and Quality

    The papers are always plagiarism free and of a high quality, and urgency is not an excuse.

    Essay help always meets the highest quality standards.

    “I have been ordering with EssayHere.Com for long, and no matter whether the order was urgent or no, it was always at A+ quality”, Marketing, “Competitors Analysis”, 6 pages

How to Change the Deadline for Assistance with Academic Paper?

We have already told that sometimes deadlines change and students feel concerned about this. Well, not the ones, who order custom essays with EssayHere.Com. Our customers do the following:

Situation #1: You Have Not Paid Yet

If you have not paid for your order yet, you need to:

Step 1: Log in to your personal page

Step 2: Edit the deadline and get the new total for your order.

Situation #2: You Have Paid Already

If your order has been paid and is in process already, the process of changing the deadline differs.

Step 1: Contact support team representative

Step 2: Specify the actual deadline in hours/days from the moment of request

Step 3: Get the link for payment and proceed with it.

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