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Structuring of an Essay: The Main Elements, Which Are to Be Present

Essay writing seems to be the easiest type of writing for students. Indeed, the most often assigned type of paper is essay, as it is suitable for all subjects. Learn, what the main structural elements for essays are and include them properly to get high grades!


Essay as a Three Parts Paper: Useful Specifications

A well-written essay has the follwing three main functional blocks: introduction, body and the conclusion.

           1. An Introduction

The main aim of introduction can be understood from its name: we use introduction to introduce the topic, to make a reader ready for the main information covered by the essay. You should give a short background for the person to understand the minimal context of the main issue covered. The perfect introduction needs to have the following two elements:

       A. A Hook

A “hook” in academic writing is the very beginning of an essay, which serves the aim to catch the reader`s attention and make him interested. You can use the first 2-3 sentences of the essays to reach this purpose. It can be a story (for more informal papers) or a fact or proverb (for more formal ones). The main requirement is the hook being relevant to your topic. So, it needs to be both: maximally interesting and appropriate.

       B. A Thesis Statement

This is actually the last sentence, which is linking an introduction to the body part and determines the course of further thoughts. The thesis statement also has its specific structure: a topic, your opinion on the selected topic and then a super-short overview of your arguments and points in the order they are going to appear in your body.

           2. A Body Part

A body part should have all the information you were going to tell in a logically structured way. 1 paragraph refers to one certain issue. There should be 3 paragraphs at least, and there should better be even more of them, so you can review different points and aspects in details.

           3. A Conclusion

A conclusion is the part, which sets accents, priorities for your essay points as well as perspectives for the next papers on the same topic. It takes care about the proper last impression and about argumentation of the papers` purpose. If you do not know, what to write in your conclusion, start from the thesis statement paraphrasing. So, actually, saying the thesis statement in another words shows, that the main task of your assignment has been successfully performed.


Length Restrictions

The formula of a well-balanced essay is: 10% for introduction, 75% for the body part and the rest 15% for the essay conclusion. This dividing of the text into parts shows, what the main part is and what parts save for its support. The given order and content reflects the human`s thinking, so it is effective and, thus, widely used.


An Important Note

It is very important to take care about the text`s coherence. All the paragraphs need to have the linking sentences, phrases, ideas, details etc., so the reader will comprehend the text as a whole.



If you feel that you face any issues with the essay structuring or/and with the sentence structuring, you should better contact us. We will provide you with an expert, who will explain you everything and you will never face similar issues again.

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