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Pro Death Penalty Papers: Ideas for Arguments and Content

Death penalty issue is an important and controversial problem. The discussion on the death penalty has a long history and it has not reached a compromise till now. The students, who want to take a “for” side and need pro death penalty papers will be interested to see our hints.


What Can Be the Main Arguments for Death Penalty?

Obviously, if you are writing an essay to support your opinion for death penalty, you need to complete an argumentative essay type. Therefore, you should provide your reader with arguments and support them well. As any argumentative essay has two sides (strengths of your point of view and weaknesses of the opposite opinion), we will help you with arguments for both.


     A. Strengths of Your Opinion

  • Lowering of a Crime Rate

You can tell that a death penalty helps to lower the crime rate significantly. Firstly, the people having committed serious crimes won`t have possibilities to commit them again. Secondly, criminals will be afraid to do something bad if they know that this can have such a high cost.

  • The High Cost of Life Sentence

It is not that cheap to keep the prisoners, who have got life sentences. The government is to support their living and the money are actually taken from the taxes common people pay. It is quite unfair to pay for someone, who had commited a crime, to live. Also, such a person can no more be useful for society, so actually there is no point to keep him alive and spend millions of dollars for this.


     B. Weaknesses of the Opinion of Your Opponent

  • People Do Not Deserve to Suffer

They say that a death penalty is a painful procedure and no one deserves it. However, those people might be thinking using the Medieval Age examples. Today the medicine is well-developed and the experienced doctors can make the death penalty easy and fast, so the prisoner won`t feel anything.

  • The Mistake with Death Penalty Cannot Be Fixed

A death penalty is not a common and frequent thing. Therefore, each case is carefully reviewed by lots of lawyers and the risk of a mistake is minimalized.

  • The Death Penalty Is Racial

The history of the death penalty shows that Afro-Americans and Hispanics got such a sentence more often. However, this is not an example of a racism. No one wonder, why men are more often sentenced to death than women and call this a gender discriminations. All people has equal rights and equal responsibilities under the law as well.


How to Make Pro Death Penalty Papers Better?

If you want to make your paper perfect, you should keep in mind the following:

  • Provide Examples

When you talk about something, support it by the real facts or links to reliable sources etc. This makes your text more reliable and trustworthy. Add numbers as they also make text convincing.

  • Structure Your Text Well

If you text has a messy structure, it will be unclear for your reader, and he won`t take your side.

  • Proofread Your Paper Well

Mistakes in your paper will definitely decrease the effectiveness of your essay. If you are not good at grammar, how can you be good at some more difficult things as Law, Psychology etc.? Responsibly proofread your paper to avoid the bad consequences.

  • Ask for a Revision by an Expert

If you want to make sure that your paper is brilliant, you can upload your draft and our writer will look at it. All the necessary corrections will be performed within the requested time. Help with pro death penalty papers is also possible if you have not even started writing.

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