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Mass Media Influence Essay: Suggestions for Content

It is not a surprise that mass media has a great influence on people and their way of thinking. Thus, it is important to regulate this issue and research on it. Contribute to this actual problem having written an extra-ordinary mass media influence essay!

Mass Media Influence Aspects to Write About

Mass media influence can be observed in different aspects. Here are some points to include to your essay:

  • Gender Issues

While watching TV, reading some magazines and newspapers you can notice obvious gender bias. For example, there are a lot of stereotypes regarding the occupation of men and women. Furthermore, you may tell about the way women are introduced in advertising as their pictures are used to attract attention etc.  All these examples contribute to gender issues in social behavior.

  • Healthy Lifestyle

It becomes more popular to choose the healthy lifestyle in modern life. However, smoking is still an issue that a lot of people struggle from. A lot of TV-shows for youth include propaganda of non-healthy lifestyle and this is shown as a cool behavior.  It is possible to mention, how mass media prevents the growth of interest towards healthy lifestyle.

  • Race Bias

You may have noticed that there are not so many Afro-American and Mexican actors in Hollywood. Furthermore, Afro-Americans and Mexicans tend to more often cast in films, which are somehow connected to the criminal world (such as drug selling etc.). This is also an expression of racism and contributes to its development within a society.

  • Consumer Behavior

Mass media surely has its influence on economy and its significance in marketing. Indeed, the advertising forms the interests of consumers and shows some goods from their best sides. It is possible to compare the sale volumes for the product being advertised via mass media, and the one with no advertising. The numbers will definitely be showing.

  • Personal Psychological Issues

There are also a lot of examples, when certain means of mass media caused serious psychological issues for large groups of people as well as for separate individuals. Some movies can lead to depression if they touch upon an issue a person is struggling with. Also, some movies can change the person`s outlook, what we can observe on example of a movie “The Truman Show”.  You can make a short overview of such cases or concentrate your attention on a certain type (development of paranoid behavior, development of concerns regarding overweight etc.)


Must-Have for Mass Media Influence Essay

There are a few things, without your mass media essay won`t be full and qualitative.

  • Examples

Your paper won`t look trustworthy if it does not have any examples from mass media. You can tell them in words, or, to illustrate better, you can include pictures as well.

  • Personal Opinion

It is not enough to repeat what others have said before, even if you cite all the sources properly. Your essay is to have your personal point of view on the issue covered.

  • Good Structure

Each idea, each aspect and opinion should be separated in a paragraph. Do not make the paragraphs long and messy. Also, do not forget about introduction and conclusion.


Help with Mass Media Influence Essay

To make sure you get a perfect and interesting mass media influence essay, you should hire a writer from our company. He will assist you in logical structuring of your paper, in selection of relevant examples and reasonable arguments.

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