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How to Write a Hook for an Essay: Features to Know and Types to Select from

To be successful every essay needs to attract attention from the first lines. You may write the most interesting and extra-ordinary essay, but no one will ever find this out, if you start your essay with some boring text. Thus, find out how to write a hook for an essay not to face this kind of issues ever.


What We Call “a Hook” in an Essay?

The metaphoric work ‘hook’ was used to express the purpose of the beginning of your essay. A hook takes the first 2-3 lines of your paper and is used to catch the reader`s attention and make him/her interested. Usually, it takes just a few seconds for a person to create a certain impression about a paper. Thus, you should learn the ways to get the attention and keep your reader intrigued till the very end.


Features of an Essay Hook

All the hooks are different, and the selection of the hook should be based taking into account the following features:

  • Short

A hook is just a minor element of your essay paper, so it should never take more than 3 lines. Even if you are telling a story, you should make it maximally brief and without any odd details. Remember, that you won`t be able to hook your reader slowly.

  • Relevant

You may know a lot of interesting facts, but it will be quite weird to write some completely irrelevant information at the very beginning. It is necessary to make sure, that the hook refers to your topic and helps to introduce it better. Also, remember that there should be a logical idea flow kept, so hook and the rest of the essay should be well-linked.

  • Interesting

This feature is obvious, but it is still necessary to be mentioned. You ARE to make sure that the beginning is truly catchy, modern and interesting. It will be a good idea to check this with your friends or relatives.


Types of Hooks

Here are a few suggestions of the hook types:

  • 100% guarantee

Over 100 000 of students has already ordered a custom assignment help with our company and no more than 1% of them were non-satisfied. Looks “wow”, isn`t it? This is an example of a hook in format of statistical data. People like extra small or extra big numbers. Make sure to cite the source and do not put any data from the body part into your hook.

  • Once Upon a Time…

There is also a hook of a story type. You need to tell an extra-brief interesting or funny story, which will illustrate or motivate your topic. Just one or two situations may be mentioned in the very beginning. However, you should understand, that story hook sets an easy and friendly tone of writing.

  • A Famous Philosopher Once Said…

In case you are writing a serious paper, you may start from a saying of a famous person. If you are writing a paper on Economics, you may include the phrase of a famous Economic Theory figure etc. After this, you should briefly explain your point of view on the saying included and link this to your particular topic.


Help with the Hook Selection

If you do not know how to write a hook for an essay, or you feel confused about the hook type selection, we are here for you. A nice team of always available academic writers working with EssayHere.Com are glad to help students to complete the best interesting essays and make the readers` hearts beat faster from the very first lines of your essay text.

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