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How to Write a Descriptive Essay: Things to Take into Account

It is quite not easy to depict something. The issue is that your task is to make a certain subject clear for a person, who has not seen it. To learn how to write a descriptive essay well and how to create a full picture of the subject verbally, check the following information.


Aspects of Description

It is good, that almost everything can be somehow expressed by words. This actually makes descriptive essays possible. The full picture includes the features of all the types. Therefore, you will need all the 5 main senses involved, if this is possible.


1. The Visual Characteristics

The visual features provided will help you to create a picture of subject you are writing about. Mention about the color, form, the place where the subject is situated etc.

2. The Sound Characteristics

The sound characteristics are possible for dynamic subjects. You can describe the sound of water, of birds or the sound of music etc. There can also appear some metaphoric sound descriptions, such as sound of the falling leaves to describe the intimacy of fall.

3. The Smell Characteristics

The smell features can be mentioned describing quite limited subjects. However, some pleasant or non-pleasant smell can be distinguishing. For example, the smell of your mother’s home bakery or the smell of a skunk.

4. The Taste Characteristics

Only eatable things can have taste characteristics. If due to some weird cases you know the actual taste of non-eatable things, you should better avoid telling about this.

5. The Features of the Touch Nature

If a subject has a special touch feature, it will also be good to include this to your descriptive essay. Again, from this side you can talk only about the adequate subjects. You can specify how pleasant is to touch a child’s hand or a new iPhone, or you can mention, that a bed is too firm to sleep on it well.


Additional Tips for the Descriptive Essays

Here are some more tips for you to describe something more effectively.

  • Strict Details or Metaphoric Comparisons

It is important to determine the style of description you need to write. If you are to write in scientific style, you should be maximally strict and tell all the details, not always paying attention whether the text is pleasant to read. You will be required to avoid any emotive phrases and try to be as subjective as it is possible. If your style is less limited and you need to create a non-fiction text, try to make your language as beautiful as you can. Include metaphors and epithets to achieve your aim. You can talk about all the senses and approach the subject in a creative manner, like an artist with his specific view.


  • Talk about Functions and Aims of Subject

To explain better how your subject looks like, you can tell a few words about its functions and aim of creation. It is much easier to talk about something having specified why you actually need the subject.


  • Do Not Feel Shy to Ask for Help

If you feel stuck and you cannot find the appropriate words to put your impressions into the paper, do not hesitate to ask for help. Our experts are working 24/7 to help you anytime you struggle with your descriptive essay.

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