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How to Write a 5 Paragraph Essay on Any Topic? Main Requirements

A 5 paragraph essay is a simple and difficult task at the same time. It is easy to complete, because you are not required to do a lot of writing. However, it is difficult, because you need to complete a well-done paper and cover the topic well within the short pages limit. Learn how to write a 5 paragraph essay with us!


What Should 5 Paragraphs Be About?

Everybody faced the 5 paragraph essay assignment, but not everyone knows, why there should be 5 paragraphs, not 6 or not 4? Let`s see, what is the required content of a 5 paragraph essay in general.


Paragraph #1: Introducing Your Topic

The first paragraph is actually an introduction. You cannot discuss an issue without stating it, can you? Therefore, you should first give the context of the issue, show why it is actual, so the reader gets interested in your writing. The common method to attract readers is a catchy beginning, which is also called “a hook”. You can start from a catchy fact, phrase or short story to “hook” your reader`s attention for the next lines.  The introduction should better finish with a polished thesis statement showing your topic, your attitude to the topic and the 3 main arguments. A well-done thesis statement links your introduction to the next paragraph.


Paragraph #2: The First Argument/Idea/ Way/ Solution etc.

The actual content of the first paragraph of your body part (which is the second paragraph of your essay) depends on the topic. However, in this paragraph you should write about the first argument only. To avoid any mess, there should not be some more main ideas, just the supportive material to the argument #1 with examples.


Paragraph #3: The Second Argument/Idea/Way/Solution etc.

The principle of writing is pretty much the same as in the previous paragraph. However, you should take care about the coherency of your essay and link the paragraphs together. You can use some linking words (pronouns, terms etc.) or sentences. The common beginnings such as ‘nevertheless’, ‘from the other side’, ‘as far as *** is concerned’ can also be helpful for you in this case.


Paragraph #4: The Last Argument/Idea/Way/Solution etc.

Finally, to make your essay strong and convincing, there should be the third argument, feature etc. Remember to check, whether all the arguments have approximately the same significance and value for the main topic. The three arguments should make up a full, relevant and logical support of your opinion.


Paragraph #5: The Conclusion

You should clearly understand the difference of a conclusion from a body paragraph:

  • Conclusion never tells anything new, but just summarizes, what have been already told.
  • Conclusion does not deal with one certain issue, but with all the issues in general and with their significance.
  • You can put some emphasizes on the certain issues.
  • A conclusion should include a paraphrased thesis statement.
  • In conclusion you can write about your perspectives and aims in research of the issue covered. It is also possible to mention the uncovered points, so you outline the place for the further research work.
  • It is better not to use the citation in conclusion, but just your own ideas.


Get Assisted on How to Write a 5 Paragraph Essay

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