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Essays on Sigmund Freud: Tips for a High Quality Writing

Sigmund Freud is not only a significant figure in Psychology, but a popular personality nowadays. Every well-educated person should know at least some general facts about his theory. It makes it a bit difficult to write something extra-ordinary in essays on Sigmund Freud.


What You Should Know about Sigmund Freud?

To write a good essay about Sigmund Freud you should be aware of at least the main facts.

1. Biography

There is no need to know all the details of Freud`s life. However, to understand the context of his theory you should know where and when Sigmund was born. Also, it is necessary to know the events and things, which influenced his personality the most. For example, you may mention his religion and the influence of Nazi on his work.

2. Contribution

It is a well-known fact that Sigmund Freud contributed to the development of Psychology and is considered to be a father of psychoanalysis. Through the dialogue with his patients and research he has formed a brand new approach to curing psychological issues. When talking about the Freud`s psychoanalysis, the following terms need to be mentioned:

  • the Oedipus complex;
  • libido;
  • sexuality.


Things to Keep in Mind While Writing an Essay about Sigmund Freud

There are a few things, which are important to remember while writing an essay on the topic.


1) Keep It Serious

Freud`s outlook and ideas are now widely used for fun by people, who have a surface understanding of his achievements. You should understand that Freud made a revolution in psychology and introduced the truly working methods of treating his patients. He was a scientist with the good education, so there is nothing in his points one can laugh at.

2) Mind the History

Not all of Freud`s ideas are actual now. However, you should understand that people and times change. He was extremely up-to-date for the Jews in Austria in XIX – beginning of XX centuries due to their lifestyle and historical pressures. There is no need to judge the old book according to the new rules.

3) Read the Reliable Sources

Before you write, you should make sure that you are aware of the Freud`s theory, methods, and ideas. To understand everything better you should read the sources written by Freud carefully, as well as read the works of other famous scientists, who analyze the works and explain some important parts.

4) Do Not Forget to Include Something Controversial and Not-Common

To make your essay more interesting, write about something more than just some general facts. For example, you can talk about the Freud`s attitude to cocaine, to religion etc.

5) Keep the Limits

The Freud`s heritage is huge, so if you need to write an essay having 5 pages, you won`t be able to include everything you want. If you have limitations for pages count, you should better take one of the theories as your basis. This will help you to review the issue deeply and include your point of view on it.

6) Adjust Your Topic

The topic for essays on Sigmund Freud will vary due to the type of essay needed. For example, if you need an argumentative essay on Freud`s theory, formulate your topic as a contradictory one: “Is Sigmund Freud`s theory(s) actual in modern society?” etc. If you do not know a good topic to write an essay about Freud on, you can ask our professional writer for some good suggestions.

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